MouseCraft - Development backstage.
Here You can see how MouseCraft evolve from early prototypes to current state. It's still work in progress so a lot of new stuff will be coming here as soon as they will be ready to share with You.
Early prototypes - great programmers art :) .
First experiments with shaders - at this stage i was trying to find the cheapest combination of materials. There is always back in my mind issue of performance on mobile devices, saving place for the heavier effects and particles, and for so-called "shit happens".
That's how game looked like at first pre-alpha release in our Beta Program (yeah...know, labeling mindfuck). Although the community was impressed by how it looked, for me, Kris and Tom (core team from CK) - it was still far from satisfying. It was very frustrating, to hear all those compliments, and couldn't truly agree with them. Graphics were just decent. We could see that this setting had far more potential. So we decided to slightly change some duties in our graphic team and I started to work with Mouse Craft personally.
With great pleasure I started purging of the scene.
Step by step, I dug into most irritating elements, like GUI and bricks. GUI were quite interesting - after pain that we had with them i came up with clever idea that saved us a lots of work. Instead of crafting fifty icons, we attached our bricks to mechanic rail so player is sure which brick he is choosing. Brilliant.
Background. To this point we didn't know, what would be the best option for us. By option I mean: 2D setup vs 3D setup. Finally, we got our crazy cat and our musical main theme. Setting up first background went surprisingly smooth.
I decided to mix 3D with 2D. Most part of the conception process has been moved to Unity, which I treated as a canvas, where simple meshes are colored by "WIP" textures, image effects, lights, shaders and so on. Then I just took some screenshots of Unity scene with high quality settings (bloom, anti-aliasing, AO, DOF etc.) and slightly polished it in Photoshop. There I didn't have to think about performance - it just had to look good in a static view. Yeah - screenshot pimped up in Photoshop - rocket science level stuff ;).
That background is not yet perfect - I was trying a new approach, so I was cautious at some steps. It definitely showed us some direction, so finally we saw how this game could look like.
That workflow is fast, quite flexible, and stylistically consistent with our second game - WordTrap Dungeon. Personally, the most important thing about it is that this workflow can be easily taken over by another graphic artist (what hopefully I'll be able to show in the next backstage showcase).

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