Crystal Tales - Characters
Crystal Tales was a sidescrolling platformer game, due to bizarre stories - put away into drawer.
Always eager to act and take initiative, he also talks a lot and constantly quarrels with Shun. Can be a bit impulsive and impatient, but he is the true leader of the team. 
Takehiko - concepts.
In game view
Tough and cold-blooded, hates everything related to machines - especially Zorak and The Kugutsu. 
Kunais are her weapon of choice - she can throw them with exceptional speed and precision, which makes her a extremely deadly assasin.
Shun - concept.                                                                                  In game view.
Calm and gentle giant, who is not much of a talker, but when necessary – he will bring Takehiko and Shun to their senses. Don't be fooled by his calmness – his great strength allows him to lift objects and toss them right into enemies. He also owns a giant shield, which can protect the whole team from any danger.
In game view.                                                                        Mamoru - concept.
Genius and innovative engineer. Some of his practises where considered a profanation and because of that he has been banned and exiled from the kingdom.
Zorak - two-faced asshole.
Mindless and cruel creatures, created by Zorak. They aren't very smart or clever, but can organise themselves in groups, which makes them exceptionally dangerous.
Kugutsu warriors - concepts.
In game view.

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